At His Truth Transforms International we desire to encourage missionaries, pastors and Christian workers by enhancing their lives and ministries through counseling and uniquely developed training and materials.  

For many years HTTI has ministered to scores of missionaries and Christian workers who came to seek encouragement and training.  Whether it was people coming to our facility in Oklahoma or HTTI taking teaching teams worldwide our heart is to minister and equip where we are called:  

"Share each other's troubles and problems, and in this way obey the law of Christ" Galatians 6:2.
Pictures: Teaching in Africa, Jim speaking in NYC, Patty Ridenour (HTTI Board Member) teaching in Africa and Doris Craddock teaching in Mexico.

Lima, Peru Medical and Dental Mission Trip on July 18-28, 2014:

HTTI's president, Christi Craddock, had the privilege of being a part of a medical and dental mission trip to Lima, Peru with Regency Ministry International. The team provided medical and dental care at El Camino Church in Rimac. While in Peru, Christi was able to give their Pneumanetics material to Pastor Jerry, with El Camino Church.  She also met with other pastors to share about HTTI's ministry and future ministry work in Peru.

Please pray for God's direction on future opportunities to minister and train in Peru.

Pictures: Christi with Pastor Jerry holding Spanish Pneumanetics. Pedro Gismondi (nephew to Dr. Pedro Gismondi of Regency Ministries International) and his family. Pedro translated most of the 18 Pneumanetics books into Spanish and is a close friend and colleague of HTTI. Christi talking with Pastor Jerry about HTTI, Pneumanetics and future ministry work in Peru.  Christi meeting with pastors in Peru.

Saltillo, Mexico Mission Trip in August 13-18, 2007:

We praise God for our ministry time in Saltillo, Mexico! We are so thankful to Evangelical Mission Ministries and the Conference of Evangelical Missionary Churches for this opportunity to introduce biblical counseling and to teach and share from God’s Word. The host pastors and churches welcomed us in a spirit of warmth and joy.  

What followed was intense three, twelve-hour days as the Global Training Network team shared with them the basics of biblical counseling along with practical applications from personal experiences. What a joy it was to minister together with these dedicated attendees. Jim Craddock taught “Pneumanetics” material for anyone wanting to counsel from a biblical perspective. The subjects included: Sufficiency of Scriptures, Belief Systems, Absent Father, Father God and Spirit-filled life. Doris Craddock taught on emotions which included anger, bitterness and expectations. Bob Ratzlaff was our MC and also spoke on how to start a biblical counseling ministry and leadership. Janie Ratzlaff and Laurie Johnson talked on Health and Wellness Wisdom of Body, Soul and Spirit. Christi Craddock taught on building the church family/how the church can minister to the single people in their churches and gave her testimony.

The attendees had a break out session into small groups to discuss and work on a case study by applying the principles of biblical counseling. In sharing with the conference attendees, they showed a hungry heart to apply the Word of God in ministering to their congregations. Their involvement in asking questions, seeking follow up information, sharing their personal testimonies and the gift of singing praises were wonderful blessings to our team.

Although there is a border and language difference, the issues the pastors face in Mexico are the same as in our churches. They include divorce, eating disorders, homosexuality, drugs, and absent father or mother from the home.

Our team saw a desire from these pastors to learn about biblical counseling so they could better minister to their congregations is a testimony of their commitment. God is at work among these faithful pastors, their wives and lay people; things are happening! As you can understand, training pastors, wives, elders and interested Christians is vital to helping them reach out and offer biblical counseling in their local areas.

Please pray for God direction on HTTI's (formerly Global Training Network) opportunities to continue to serve and train in Mexico.

Pictures: Team picture.  Janie Ratzlaff, Christi Craddock and Bob Ratzlaff all speaking in Mexico.  The pastors broke out into small groups to study the material.  Laurie Johnson hanging with the children.  Jim Craddock and Doris Craddock speaking.

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