His Truth Transforms International’s

Media Ministry

Our heart is to reach hurting people all over the world through social media, podcast and videos. As we counsel/disciple we bring others to know God at a deeper level so He becomes the most important person in their lives. When God is most important, we can turn away from all forms of temptation no matter how much they have ruled over us. We are able to allow God to break the bondage of our sin so we we can live in victory as believers.

God’s empowering presence is what enable us not only to live the Christian life victoriously, but to serve Him effectively. This transformation makes us outwardly what God has already made us to be inwardly. We are not here to fix people’s problems but to see them transformed by the Word of God and Power of the Holy Spirit.

We are launching our media ministry December 2018 and we need you help! Go to our Contact page and give us feedback on what topics you want to learn more about and how we can minister to you.

Next podcast, “Choosing Joy During the Holiday Season”

Come to our December 2, 2018, Christmas Open House, come and go from 12:30-2:00 p.m., where we are revealing our His Truth Transforms International’s ministry video, teachings of Jim Craddock by video and audio and testimony videos for the first time!

 Kitty, Doris and Christi recording/filming their monthly podcast. (starting in December 2018)

Kitty, Doris and Christi recording/filming their monthly podcast. (starting in December 2018)


We counsel precious women,…

of all ages, with similar stories of how the negative words spoken over them shaped their identity. And so it goes, their whole lives are determined by negative comments and experiences that became what they based their self-worth on. The negative words keep repeating in their minds every moment of every day; I am unworthy, unlovable, unacceptable, inadequate, and will never be enough. Satan is out to steal, kill and destroy and does it masterfully.

One moment of hearing a negative comment can negate a lifetime of wonderful memories. These words destroy a person from the inside out allowing Satan to establish a negative self-worth that can lead to a life of being fearful, anxious, depressed and hopeless, which leads to living in defeat and in bondage. 

 Oh, how I want to heal their broken hearts. Sometimes I want to hug them and cry over them because their pain is so intense.  I know the pain as I’ve been there myself. But as much as I want to help them God has the answer that will heal them and transform them! 

 Our ministry is about establishing an encounter with God that will lead to experiencing God. My father, Jim, said it this way:

 “For the natural desire of a Christian is to experience God, to find divine intimacy. But to have this experience we must first have our encounter. Now, God delights in these encounters, for then He is able to establish the experience.

 “As we study the Scriptures we see that it is out of an experience with God that the power of God is released. There is no other explanation for the lives of those who first encountered God and then experienced Him. This experience is not one of theological knowledge or of personal endeavors, but of an outward experience of an inward transformation.

 “The experience that God desires is internal, a work of the heart. We experience God in spirit and in truth. We see His face written in the pages of His Word. We feel His presence as we pray at the Throne of Grace. We experience His power as His Spirit is released in and through us.

 “Experiencing God is discovering an intimacy with God that only God can produce. This allows us to have and to enjoy what the angels surrounding the Throne have and enjoy—God Himself.”

 Doris, Kitty and I are at His Truth Transforms ministry because we have had a personal encounter that led us to experiences with God. Because of our experiences, we love helping others to know God so they too can encounter and experience Him.  As they fully understand what our precious Savior did on the cross for them, we see women repeating the new words that now shape their new identity; I am lovable, worthy, smart, successful, adequate, confident, set apart, chosen, redeemed, fearless, victorious, and free! 

 We are excited for you to check out our Facebook page, our YouTube Channel and our website at www.HisTruthTransforms.org (starting in December 2019) that shows our ministry video, my father’s video and audio teachings, and personal testimonies of God encounters that has led to transformed lives. In the coming months, we will be adding additional teaching videos and podcasts.

 We need to be telling anyone that will listen - God’s Word is alive and active and will set you free!