In Partnership

At His Truth Transforms International we believe strongly in bringing together like-minded ministries into a common cause allowing multi-ministry involvement, cross-cultural sharing, advance training, and simply providing a healing hand.  

The connection is not a new idea, but an idea whose time has come.  The connection concept is based upon the biblical principles of the "4 x 1 dynamic" found in Ecclesiastes 4:9, where we are told that two are better than one.  It is a fact that two are indeed better than one for two can full four times the weight of one.

HTTI is blessed to be In Partnership with the following organizations:



Dr.Pedro and Glenda Gismondi founded this 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2005 to do "medical missions." The goal of Regency Ministries (RMI) is to use medicine as the Hands, Face and Word of Jesus to hurting people. RMI believes Jesus is their model in ministry to the body, the soul and the spirit. Dr. Gismondi sees patients locally in free clinics in Oklahoma City, as well as those with or without insurance who need guidance in their health care in his ministry office. As a non-profit, RMI does not charge patients nor accept insurance. All care is free.

The second area of medical missions for RMI is to take medical teams to Peru. Visit their website to find out more information about their missions trips.

RMI is a faith-based organization and because of other's financial donations and medical supplies and equipment donated, the poor and helpless of Rimac were the recipients of compassionate care. Likewise many medically needy people in OKC are able to receive care physically, emotionally and spiritually.  

Pictures: Team picture, little boy in Peru where the kids had activities and bible study, dental work inside of the church and medical team had tents outside the church.  

On July 18-28, 2014, HTTI's president, Christi Craddock, had the privilege of being a part of a medical and dental mission trip to Lima, Peru. The team provided medical and dental care at El Camino Church in Rimac, a poor suburb of Lima. For five days, the base of the mountain buzzed with activity as the community took advantage of free medical and dental care. Tents were raised outside the church entrance to "house" doctors. Dental chairs, equipment and a makeshift pharmacy were set up inside the small church.  A puppet stage was set up in front of a tent where children were coloring, making crafts while being taught that God loves them. The team treated 550 people and 60 made decisions to make God their Lord and Savior.  

 You can find Regency Ministries by going to:



VERITAS MISSION FILMS (VMF) is a non-profit film association founded by filmmaker Kevin McAfee. VMF was established for the purpose of creating and producing feature length movies, documentaries and instructional and inspirational films about true life adventures of faith and character. 

Through the development of films for family and faith, Veritas plans to plant seeds of faith, inspire audiences and evangelize the world through their films. The films will include evangelistic and discipleship based projects designed to educate the world from every tribe/people group around the globe. The Bible reveals that through trials, afflictions, troubles, and struggles, there is a gateway to HOPE.  It’s often through difficulties that challenge us to persevere which creates endurance where character is proven. Veritas Mission Films illuminate journeys of ordinary people who are used in extraordinary ways. Good quality character traits, values and faith are often missing in motion pictures. We believe that these stories exist today and should be told in the form of film.

VMF's latest documentary feature film, Through the Valley, highlights the story of two fathers who go to great lengths to search for ways to save their families.  The stories include the dramatic visit to the genocide memorial museum in Kigali, Africa, the treks into the jungle, and the road to forgiveness and healing. From the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee to the rural African villages of Rwanda this 56 minute film is ready for private screenings only to churches, organization and mission minded groups. 

Veritas’ movies that are worth watching: Beyond the Gates of Splendor, End of the Spear, Last Ounce of Courage, the Swan Princess and Through the Valley.

Pictures: Doris and Christi at the HTTI table explaining the material.  Kevin McAfee talking before showing his film.  Christi with the Veritas Team: Stephanie Musser, Kevin McAfee and Julie Spencer.  Praise and worship before showing the film at Village Baptist Church in Oklahoma City.

HTTI is ministering with VMF by attending the showing of, Through the Valley, to churches and organizations.  We are there to minister to anyone hurting and needing God's Truth.  We are honored to be a part of coming alongside Veritas Mission Films and be available to minister when needed. 

 "Our film company is dedicated to sharing stories of real life drama involving crisis, tragedy and pain and we have found the perfect team to walk with in our journey. What the Craddock family and their growing team at His Truth Transforms International is doing is an essential part of healing and recovery when stories bring tears to hearts. We are honored to have HTTI partnering with us in helping people get through some of the most challenging times in their lives with truth!"  Kevin McAfee

You can find Veritas Mission Films by going to:

Judy Howard: Quilts for sale

Judy Howard with Heavenly Patchwork and Buckboard Quilts is selling her quilts, books and cookbooks and all the proceeds will go to His Truth Transforms International.

Heavenly Patchwork books will inspire and entertain as they transport you into the lives and hearts of pioneer and contemporary women.  Rejoice or cry with these every day heroines as they stitch true tales of courage against insurmountable obstacles into heart-warming patchwork.

Quilt historian, author and owner since 1976 of Buckboard Quilts, Judy Howard, is offering 250 antique and vintage quilts and textiles, along with presenting Civil War and Centennial Stitches Quilt Trunk Show or Bed Turning Programs including heart-warming stores of fifty of her historic quilts dating from 1834-1940s. 

Call Judy to schedule programs for your guilt guild, library, church or civic group today.  You can also order discounted books for gifts or fundraising, reserve the patriotic or food or children’s quilt exhibits or schedule Judy’s programs by contacting her at:

(405) 751-3885 with Buckboard Quilts.

Remember - when you buy a quilt or a book from Judy all the proceeds go to the ministry of HTTI! 

 You can find the quilts and books by going to: and