The story of Global Training Network (GTN) began on a cold January morning 1996 as Jim Craddock began his devotional time in the early hours of the day, he sensed a special presence of the Spirit. As he rejoiced in the Lord he was vividly impressed with Jeremiah 32:17, 27 and 33:3. Although he did not understand all that was taking place, he did know that God was laying out a global strategy and that it would entail the younger generation and that great and mighty things would take place.  He didn’t know when or where or how, but he knew that it would happen at God’s own timing.

Several months passed and on an early September morning when Jim once again felt the presence of Lord. He knew that it was connected to what happened in January, but he was uncertain how. This time there came the vivid impression of Ezekiel 33:1,2. He thought it seemed utterly impossible to even think about a global strategy with the resources he had at that time.

Jim continued to pray and wait on the Lord to show him clearly what He was calling him to do. He was president of a very active and successful ministry, and he felt his time was limited due to his age.  God was at work within the ministry, but he knew in his mind God was calling him to greater things.

Several years passed with no clear understanding of what God had revealed to him. Then on March 9, 2003, in Warwick, R.I. where he was ministering to those who had been impacted by that terrible fire, God brought him a passage that was like a burning coal. The intensity of that verse left an indelible and continuing mark upon his mind.

“Now that I am old and gray, do not abandon me, O God. Let me proclaim your power to this new generation, your might miracles to all who come after me” Psalm 71:18.

As he talked with the Lord the name Global Training Network kept coming to mind.  He laughed and thought, “I have a name, but what am I to do with it?” He knew without a doubt that it was to be global in nature, it was to involve training and that he was to connect various faith-based ministries together. The focus of GTN would be on the coming generation. This was most clear.

He thought at first he could launch this ministry within the organization he headed up, but God had other plans. As Jesus admonished, you cannot put new wine in old wine skins. This meant that he was to step out of the safety and security of a ministry that had been in existence for over thirty years and launch an entirely new ministry from scratch. God was calling him to start a new ministry, so he could commit all of his time and energies to making this new endeavor a practical reality. This was to be a quantum leap of faith.

Thus, on October 1, 2006, Global Training Network was launched by Jim and Doris Craddock and Christi Craddock, with little fanfare, but great hopes and expectations started their grand venture. During the years GTN has provided countless hours of biblical counseling, as well as published material that has helped many people deepen their relationship with Christ.

In 2013, GTN realized there was another ministry with the same name and there were problems with keeping the two ministries separate. Due to the conflicts presented, and with time in prayer, the decision was made to change the ministry name.  

In March 2014, we launched our new name, His Truth Transforms International (HTTI). We believe our name now accurately describes what we do which is when God's Truth is applied will transform anyone!

On April 2014, Jim went home to his Heavenly Father. We are so thankful that he spent his life taking biblical truths and transforming them into biblical principles that can change a person's life. Jim devoted his life to helping others know the one true God. He left a wonderful legacy and is greatly missed.

HTTI is now being run by the younger generation, Jim's daughter Christi Craddock, along with his wife, Doris.  HTTI is committed to standing on the Godly principles that this ministry was founded on and will continue offering biblical counseling at no cost, along with biblical grounded teaching and training.  

“And we proclaim Christ, admonishing everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present every person complete in Christ.  And for this purpose also we labor, striving according to His power, which mightily works within us" Colossians 1:28-19. 

Jim wanted otherS to know,

“We are to leave a legacy to this new generation that demonstrates God’s power and miracles. God will open the doors to young people of all shapes and sizes to show what God will do in the coming months and years. John Wesley said, “Give me a hundred men, who love God and hate sin and I will shake the world!”

Jim sincerely believed that God will raise up godly men and women who will have an unprecedented impact upon the coming generation that will glorify our risen Lord as never before.