Our Team

We are missionaries, dedicated Christ followers, who have been radically changed by a personal relationship with God, who have been called by God to minister, teach and train others.


Christi Craddock
Biblical Counselor


Doris Craddock
Biblical Counselor


Kitty Ramirez
Director of Training
Biblical Counselor

Kitty teaching, Christi video taping a testimony, and Doris filming for our His Truth Transforms’ ministry video. Kitty, Doris and Christi filming their monthly podcast.


Jim Craddock

1932 - 2014


James Henry Craddock, author, lecturer, pioneer in biblical counseling and founder of several successful ministries, came to Christ through the ministry of The Navigators on Okinawa, where he served as a nuclear weapons disposal technician. Following graduation from the University of Colorado, he joined Campus Crusade for Christ, where he ministered for 15 years to college students, speaking on over 50 campuses every year.

 In 1973, Jim founded Scope Ministries International, a ministry of biblical counseling.  He has authored over 27 publications, including Pneumanetics Original, Pneumanetics and co-authored Be Transformed, which continues to be used by individuals, churches and biblical counseling centers. In 1986, Jim founded the International Association of Biblical Counselors to unite the discipline of biblical counseling. 

 Following the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing in Oklahoma City, World Trade Center attacks in New York City, and several natural disasters, Jim wrote a Rapid Response Manual, which was used as a prototype by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), to assist ministries in their disaster relief outreach. BGEA repeatedly called on Jim to lead the counseling at The International Conferences for Itinerant Evangelists at Amsterdam 83, 86 & 2000 and to provide counseling at many of the BGEA Conferences around the world.

 In 2006, Jim’s latest calling was His Truth Transforms International (HTTI) (formerly Global Training Network). This unique nonprofit, faith-based, non-denominational 501(c)3 ministry was founded on the sufficiency of Christ and His Word. HTTI is designed to utilize biblical truth in the development of material and programs that will enhance a believer’s walk with Christ and their ministry for Christ. 

 On April 1, 2014, Jim went home to his Heavenly Father.  We are so thankful that he spent his life taking biblical truths and transforming them into principles that, when applied, will transform a person’s life from the inside out.  Jim devoted his life to helping others know the one true God.  He is greatly missed!