Pray for our ministry

Dear Friends,

We are writing to ask you to pray for us as we start producing podcasts and videos. We had a blessed response to our April newsletter and received some designated funds to begin our media ministry. We met with a ministry that produces videos and met a young man to help us produce podcasts. Although we are moving forward, we are experiencing spiritual attacks that have slowed our progress. We are writing to ask you to join us in prayer, going before the Lord on our behalf, to stop anyone or anything from “getting in the way” of us producing these videos and podcasts.

 The following is from my father, Jim Craddock’s book, Legacies, A Devotional, and we ask that you pray “know so” prayers! In Matthew 21:22, it says, “And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.

 I was brought up short the other day during my devotional time. The Lord confronted me with the difference between “hope so” prayers and “know so” prayers. Needless to say, as I evaluated my prayers, I couldn’t escape the conclusion that a good deal of my prayers and petitions were “hope so” praying, and not “know so” praying.

 “Hope so” prayers are a kind of feel-good praying. You feel good that you prayed, but you never possess your possessions, as it were. “Hope so” prayers are pabulum to the soul and, I am afraid, an affront to God. On the other hand, “know so” praying is the trench warfare of the Christian life. This kind of praying has no misgivings about God’s desire and ability to produce what He has promised.

 “Know so” praying is invading the privacy of God with such intensity that we get in our minds what He has in His mind about the thing or person we are praying about. This kind of prayer allows us to see the character and personality of God. This kind of prayer allows us to possess as our present possession that which we are seeking from God.

 “Hope so” prayers are like leaving a memo with God, hoping that He might pick it up and act on it, but with no real conviction that He will. This kind of praying lacks any real confidence in God that He will answer our petitions. 

 “Know so” praying is taking advantage of God, shamelessly demanding what He is determined to give. This kind of praying reveals God’s mind and our hearts. “Know so” praying demonstrates a trust in God to the degree that we truly believe that God will do the thing we’ve prayed about, and He will do it within me and through me if necessary!”

 We know there are so many, Christians and non-Christians, that long for something more in life and we know the answer is Jesus! Please join us in praying “know so” prayers that will move us forward producing videos and podcasts that will so radically touch a person’s life by the transforming presence and knowledge of God they will never be the same!  Thank you for your continued prayers and the much needed financial support which allows us to minister to hurting individuals so they find God’s peace and contentment! 

 In His Grip!

Doris Craddock, Kitty Ramirez and Christi Craddock


I am the LORD, who heals you” Exodus 15:26.

In the movie, The Greatest Showman, there is a scene where Jenny Lint, the Swedish opera singer, has just made her America debut and was visiting with P.T. Barnum after her performance. Jenny was explaining that she was born out of wedlock which brought shame upon her family. Then she shared that no matter how many standing ovations she receives it never fills the void of her emptiness.

Out of everything presented in this movie, this scene was most profound to me. You see, Ms. Lint had everything – fame, beauty and wealth but no matter what she was given on the outside was ever going to fill or give her complete healing on the inside. She never felt like she “measured up” to her position. 

The bible gives us a great example through Moses. He was born a Hebrew but raised as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. Moses never felt like he belonged. He felt inadequate, doubted himself and feared failure. To the point when God told him he was God’s chosen to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, he was begging for God to send someone else in his place (Exodus 2-4).

At His Truth Transforms International we deal with people on a daily basis that never feel like they’ve measured up. We are able to share, through our counseling, teaching, training and many published books how God can transform them to lead a life of being adequate not based on circumstance but on God’s love and truths. This is where you come in – because of your financial giving which allows us to minister to each person God brings to our ministry.  We are able to guide them to have a personal intimate relationship with God who transforms people just like He did for Moses who became the strong leader for the Israelites.  

So, thank you for coming alongside us with your prayers and financial giving which allows each of us to minister to hurting individuals. And please, continue praying for us, as well as our counselees. God’s love covers a multitude of pain and we are blessed to be a part of explaining how Jesus is their balm of Gilead!

 In His grip!

Christi Craddock, President