Christi's Testimony

Christi Craddock, Founder, President, counselor, and teacher with His Truth Transforms International, gives her testimony of how she tried to replace her inner void with an eating disorder, a party lifestyle, and becoming a workaholic, yet nothing she did gave her contentment, leaving her emotionally out of control and deeply depressed. She explains how as she learned who God was to her, from the word of God, her life started changing. She gained freedom as she recognized Satan’s condemning voice, “See you failed again, you will never get better.”  She continually tried to change the outside but she needed to change on the inside. She found peace and joy in God. She explains how through her faith in Christ and believing the truth she is set free. Because of how drastically her life changed and the inner peace and joy she found through Christ, she is passionately helping others today at His Truth Transforms International. You can read about her life being changed in the written testimony, “A Life Worth Living!” dated 9-26-18.