Hannah's Testimony

Hannah came to His Truth Transforms International with life heading toward a very dark, depressed state. She felt hopeless, anxious, nervous, scared, embarrassed, sad, angry, and just worn out. Her emotions were all over the place and she didn’t understand them or how to stop them. Growing up in a Christian home and accepting Christ at 11 years old, she knew God could help her but she didn’t know how. As she started counseling, she realized growing up in a Christian home produced rules she felt she could never live up to, which in turn produced anxiety and other emotions. Hannah tried to fulfill her worth through others which left her empty, ashamed, and lost with no worth or purpose. Counseling has changed her whole mindset. She now has peace and her emotions no longer rule over her life. She views God from a new perspective and realizes He doesn’t judge her when she messes up and He doesn’t hold her to a certain standard. Now when times are tough, she immediately turns to God and reminds herself of God’s truths. She truly understands who God is and how He feels about her, realizing there is nothing that can take away His peace in her life!