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Class: God's Lost and Found

Class held at HTTI offices.  Time: 6:00-7:30pm

God’s Lost and Found, a 9-week class, is a study about human orphans and adoption. This study is written for those considering adoption, have personally been orphaned or adopted, for those who have fostered or adopted an orphan, blended families, those considering adoption, and for those who desire a deeper understanding of the profound effects of such acute circumstances.

God’s Lost and Found is also a study about spiritual orphans and spiritual adoption.  Because all humans are affected by spiritual orphanhood (separation from Father God), this study is written for everyone.  Those who have already been spiritually adopted by the Heavenly Father will be encouraged to enter into a fuller understanding and experience of their new lives.  Those who have not yet received their spiritual adoptions will be invited to enter the blessings and privileges of sonship in God’s forever family. 

God’s Lost and Found, above all, is a tribute to the indescribable goodness and love of a perfect Heavenly Father who never leaves or fails His children.

Tuition: $75.00 per person (early bird price) if registered by May 25th.  After May 25th class price $100.00.  Instructor: Barbara Boyd

Register by going to Contact page and put in the class name in the Subject. Then you can pay by mailing HTTI a check or If paying by credit card, please go to give/donate/class.  If any questions, please call our office at 405-603-2020.