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This Class held at HTTI's Office

Free Indeed! is a Bible study that allows us to know God so He becomes the most important person in our lives. When God is most important you can turn away from all forms of temptation no matter how much they have ruled over you. You are able to allow God to break the bondage of your sin so you live in victory as a believer.

God’s empowering presence is what enables us not only to live the Christian life victoriously, but to serve Him effectively. This transformation makes us outwardly what God has already made us to be inwardly. In other words, God’s empowering Word infused in our lives makes us Free Indeed!

Free Indeed will help believers:

*have a deeper understanding of God the Father, His son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

*deepen our faith in Christ and the sufficiency of God’s Word.

*understand who we are in Christ upon becoming a believer and live in our new identity.

*understand and relief from depression, anxiety, guilt and other negative emotions that rule our lives.

*understand the Holy Spirit as a person and the Spirit-filled life so we can become dependent on the Holy Spirit to heal, lead and empower us.

*understand how prayer and worshipping God can be a vital part of our lives.

*to renew our minds with God’s Truth so we want and choose to live a Christ-centered life.

*to live a life of faith and the ability to pass on the knowledge to others. 

*to stop the continual struggle in our Christian walk so we can experience the abundant life Christ promised.

*bring positive change in our lives and relationships.

*to live a victorious and consistent Christian life.

TO REGISTER: go to Contact Page. Complete the information and add the name of the class in the Subject line and send to us. 

TO PAY FOR THE CLASSES: You can mail HTTI a check or if paying by credit card click the GIVE button below.  Look at the CLASS section. 


For more information, call us at 405-603-2020 or email us.