His Truth Transforms International’s Podcasts

Our heart is to reach hurting people all over the world through social media, podcast and videos. As we counsel/disciple we bring others to know God at a deeper level so He becomes the most important person in their lives. When God is most important, we can turn away from all forms of temptation no matter how much they have ruled over us. We are able to allow God to break the bondage of our sin so we we can live in victory as believers.

God’s empowering presence is what enable us not only to live the Christian life victoriously, but to serve Him effectively. This transformation makes us outwardly what God has already made us to be inwardly. We are not here to fix people’s problems but to see them transformed by the Word of God and Power of the Holy Spirit.

We are launching our media ministry December 2018 and we need you help! Go to our Contact page and give us feedback on what topics you want to learn more about and how we can minister to you.

Next podcast, “Choosing Joy During the Holiday Season”

Episode 1: Choosing Joy During the Holiday Season

In this episode, Choosing Joy During the Holiday Season, Doris, Kitty, and Christi, counselors with His Truth Transforms International, understand how the holiday season can produce high anxiety for so many which allows our emotions to become overwhelming, messy, debilitating, and destructive. They help us understand by using a tool called, R.E.A.C.T., that we can stop and not react emotionally, which will help us receive God’s inner joy and peace during the holiday season. Watch the video recording of this podcast here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0mK8tsJAeI