Episode 3: What Am I Believing?

Our beliefs influence and control how we respond to life, and they were formed usually before our spiritual awareness. Today’s podcast will share how we have grown up living independently from God and relying on our own understanding, which has produced negative beliefs that rule our lives. These negative beliefs are lies of Satan that cause us to live in bondage when we believe them. We will share how we have a choice to no longer be ruled by our negative beliefs. We will also share how to allow God to replace Satan’s lies with His truth that will produce victory in our lives. Christ’s victory is taking what we believe and aligning it with God’s Word so we function from these truths. As this takes place, it will produce healthier marriages, relationships, and give us a life—no matter what our circumstance—full of inner peace, joy, and contentment. 

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Resources: Free Indeed book (9-week study), Free Indeed Companion Cards (Christi referred to in podcast), and Pneumanetics Original, Book 11, “Belief Systems.” Go to: https://www.histruthtransforms.org/store/

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